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Just calm the child

I was sittin' around, playing video games (Mario Kart 64 and Mario Golf...which gets really boring when playing alone) and I thought I'd take a nap.

Two hour later...I wake up, refreshed. Yay.

Shindig at Caitlin's tonight. Small, "hush hush". I hate those. But oh well. Carpooling with Chazz and Patty. Might have an after-party shindig at my house, because I think she's kicking us out at 10pm.

10pm! I feel like I'm 12 again.

Anywho. Couldn't find anyone to Chipotle with me for dinner, so I had a hot dog. Boring. Patty gets real meals. Why can't I have real meals?

Gail: So how was dinner?
Pat: quality, as usual. And now I have lots of energy :)
Gail: I wish my mother would cook. Just every once in a while would be nice
Gail: Can I trade her in for a new one?
Pat: I'm sure there are ways :)
Pat: you can do anything with the internet

Oh well. Someday.

Oh, and I got roped into babysitting for Zoe all day tomorrow. WHA HAPPENED?

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