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Don't it feel like the wind is always howling? Don't it seem like there's never any light?

It's Semi-Annual Bra Sale time at Victoria's Secret and I am still in desperate need of new bras. The ones that I have don't fit well, so I've just been wearing shelf bra tanks for the past SEVERAL months, and those aren't that peachy either. Frankly, it makes me skankish. I don't mind, because I love them...but at the same time. I need bras.

But I'm broke.


Another graduation party to day. This time for my Car-baby. Love her dearly. 'Twas an okay party. Lots of people that I'm not friends with, but a handful that I it was all good.

And now I'm tired. So I'm about to take my second nap of the day, although I think I smell dinner being done. *sigh* It's a hard life that I lead.

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