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There's a time for everyone, if they only learn, that the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn

Getting up at 9 sucks. BUT! It was for a good cause.

I went into Company today 3rd period. All of the Seniors went back to visit the Juniors on their last day. It was cute, and we did more yearbook signing and hanging out, just like we used to do. I'm going to miss that class so very much.

I stayed over for most of 4th because I had to clean out my locker. That took about 20 minutes, then I peaked into Concert Choir right as they were being let go, so I went in and spent the rest of the period with Becca, Whitney and some other sophomore girls.

I ended up staying through for the first 5 minutes of Chorale, then said goodbye to Mrs. Akers and came home.

I have to go back at 2:15 for my Theatre 1,2 class...which I'm uber excited for. I love those kids so very much!!!

But now. It's lunch time. And possibly nap time after that. Because I'm a lazy bum.

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