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What you thought was real in life, will somehow steer you wrong

Posting without a reason. The story of my life, folks.

Watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Back to the Future this morning. Gotta love 100 movie channels and not having school.

At 3, I went with my sister Fayanne, my mom and my cousin Stephanie to David's Bridal. Fa trying on a bunch of wedding dresses and Steph and I were bridesmaids extraordinare. 'Twas fun. Found some a couple really pretty ones.

And now, I'm making dinner plans.

7pm Applebee's for salad! I'm soooooo in a salad mood!
Then ice cream at Baskin Robbins
And probably playing in a park (because the temperature has risen 30 degrees since two days ago)

And yeah. Hanging out elsewhere I'm sure. That's out fun and exciting plans. As always.

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