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If there's one thing that is sticking in mind about graduation, it's how thoroughly anti-climatic it was. Like it's this huge deal that you graduate high school. And while we were in Ravinia it felt cool and important.

But I definitely didn't get pictures with more than 4 people. And once we left, it was like. *BAM* It's over.

And now what? I just feel like ever being in high school was so young (if that makes sense). Like I want to distance myself from graduation because it's an important marker, but not one to brag about. Just to have.


So anyway...tonight was pretty normal. Nice ceremony, very quick. Dinner with the family. Hanging out at Rob's.

I've been getting irrationally pissed off at Goldy. But Peter is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. And I made fun of Caitlin way more than necessary, but she was pissing me off too.

Basically, it was the "Gail is fucking pissed off" night, though I think I remained fairly plesant...if not just really annoying. Per usual, I suppose. I can get really fucking annoying when I don't watch myself.

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