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I'm as shiny as a dirty magazine, but you don't put them down as much as me

So today was my parent's wedding anniversary. Tell me that doesn't make you think. I wonder how many years it's been. Over 30, that's for sure.

Charlie and Pat's graduation party at Chipotle was pretty good. After, we went to Goldy's and watched 4 episodes of Family Guy (so now I've seen 5!) which was entertaining.

Everyone left around 11:45, cause they suck, but then it got to be really fun. Charlie, Carly, Lizzie, Goldy and I sat around talking, and Zoe joined later. It was really good. Fun stuff and it was just nice to hang out for a couple hours in a smaller group. I so much prefer small groups.

So I just got home. I'm uber tired, so I'll be heading to bed momentarily.

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