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Tonight was alright.

This afternoon, I went by crew at 5-ish to drop of kickball money and my release form to let Carl edit the Spring Play.

Candace was there, and since she, Zoe and I were planning to see Finding Nemo, we figured we'd just stay and do dinner with a bunch of people.

So we all went to Panera. And it was good.

Since not everyone wanted to see Nemo, we all split up into Matrix: Reloaded, Nemo, and Bruce Almighty groups once we got to Showplace. The movie was good. Not the Toy Story 2 which is one of the best Pixar animations film, but I was definitely laughing a lot. Like...more than the rest of the theatre by far. I'm easily amused, and it was just cute and funny.

Then Zoe and I went to her house and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. So confusing. That's a strange movie.

Tonight also entailed an odd group of people, running through pouring rain to go to Baskin Robbins, and meeting up with our boys in passing, as they happened to be seeing the 8:30 when we were going to the 9:15.

But now I'm tired. And confused as always. Not to mention pensive beyond belief and so fucking lonely. Ah yes, welcome to my life, ladies and gentlemen.

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