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Bed Time

I should have been in bed an hour ago, so I could get sleep. I hate school interfering with sleep.

Finished my homework at Ci's apartment. Also had dinner over there, cus my parents went out with my aunt. It was fun. Part of my homework was actually fun too. I had to write a couple responses on "Pink Houses" for English, so once I got through the shity US History crap, it was smooth sailing. I like english so much better than social studies or science. Why couldn't I just take 3 english or writing classes instead of boring ones. Who needs Calculus? I can see needing algebra, and it's a stretch, but Geometry can be helpful too. But Calculus? I think not. If I had total control over my classes, I would have all fine arts and english (go figure, that's what I want to do with my life). You mean I'm making intelligent choices about classes connecting to future career? No (sarcasm).

Anywho. Got back from Ci's and read a really good slash (or at least I liked it). Good plot, in my opinion. Here: [Celebrity] Read, enjoy.

Now, I need sleep. Full-time school tomorrow (and for the next 9 months). *sigh* The never ending cycle....

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