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So I had a doctor's appointment in Glenview (30-ish minutes away) this morning at 10am.

I had gone to bed at 4:15, and my alarm was set for 8:45.

But it didn't go off.

However! I did wake up at 9:25, rolled out of bed, put on jeans and a sweatshirt and walked out the door at 9:30. I called my mother for directions while I was driving and realized that I had forgotten the immunization form at home. Said "screw it" and kept going.

Made it to the doctor's office at 9:55.

I fucking rock, yo.

So I had my physical. And I got a shot. And I had blood taken. And I got my first PAP smear (eww :-p) and breast exam as well as a prescription for birth control. [Mommy's putting me on the pill. I think it's funny.]

Got home at 11, and after having my mother call to say that she got the extra 4 tickets to graduation, I had Zoe call and get her extra tickets to give to me. That's right, I need 14 and the fuckers only give you 6, with the possibility of 4 more. Stupid heads.

And by 11:30, I was back asleep.

To be awoken now. At 3:45.

I almost feel lazy...but at the same time, I didn't go to bed until 4:15 last night, and I got shots (which HURT!) so I deserve it.

Now it's shower time, cause I reeked this morning.


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