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Today's on fire

An update on the Gail situation.

So I didn't finish that paper by 9. Or 10. Or even 11. But at 10:30, Mr. Huff called and asked if I was planning on turning it in. Whoops. O:-)

So I finished around 11:30 and emailed it to him. But because I'm nuts, I also printed a hard copy to give him at 12:15 when he was done teaching a class.

And just as I was about to leave my house!...

I realized that the doctor's appointment that I've been saying was at 1pm today...was actually at 11am.

Fuck diddly-uck.

So I paged my doctor and she hasn't called me back yet. I sort of need an appointment today though, cause I ran out of meds just this morning. Damn.

But since I realized that I had so much time on my hands, I went up to my sister's apartment to upload pictures. So now I have a clean 32MB to use tonight at boat party and from now until graduation. I'll probably want to dump the pics before then too.

And that's my exciting life. And since I got up at 7 and wrote a paper all morning...I deserve a nap!


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