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My head hurts. It's a headache worse than the ones I was getting last week. I took Advil, and I've been drinking water, and I ate something. It still won't go away.

I'm really tired. Sleep would fix this. A little nap might help my head too.

But I can't sleep, because I have homework. To do my homework though, I need to go buy packs of loose-leaf paper, and graph paper. However, I don't have enough money to go buy this stuff because Amanda borrowed money for lunch (and will pay me back tomorrow), and Caitlin never reimbursed me for the movies I rented. And life sucks right now.
Other than that, I'm doing okay. School wasn't too bad. Insanely long for the 15 minutes I was in each class. Yeah, this year is going to be great.

Physics. Lots of friends in the class, so *yay*. Mr. Bruss is a funny man. Not that he tells jokes all that well, but his mannerisms are easy to laugh at. Entertainment in the mornings.

English. I really enjoy Mr. Wolf. Our first activity...listening to "Pink Houses" by Mellencamp. Love this song. Love this class. My only good friends in it are Sam (she was in my english class last year, which rocked), and Charlie (but he wasn't sitting near Sam and I).

US History. I hate history classes about as much as I hate science. Probably more. Mr. Heerman seems like another very laughable person. Carly is in my class, so that's good. At least I'll be done with my two least favorite classes by 10:30.

Free. No complaints here. And, Allie has it free, so yippy!

Chorale. Love chorus, love to sing. 101 people in this class. It's the biggest class in the school. It's a little chaotic, but it will be fun. A bunch of my friends are in chorus with me, and Akers is the best. She's so much fun, and a really great teacher.

Theatre. I am *so* excited about this class. Only about 20 people (like the smallness). All the not-to-serious-about-theatre people drop it after first year, so this year will be fun. I know every person in the class. I might be one of the only ones. Half the class was in my 1,2 class last year, and the others I know from fall play this year or other places. Very comfortable setting, and I love Carl. He's the absolute best teacher/director anyone could ask for.

French. Oh god. 32 people in my class. We will never be able to concentrate or learn anything. Have Madame Wolf again, and she's funny. Theatre always gives me this strange energy, so I'm always hyper in French (I had french after theatre last year too.)

Calculus. Ew. Math. Have Gasper, and I had him in 8th grade. He came to my Junior High, because there were 12 of us in advanced math, Geometry. And, Amanda's in my class, which rocks. We will try and have fun, despite the fact that it's a math class.

Outdoor Adventure with Zima. Mr. Zima is the best ever. Very fun guy, and I have a bunch of friends in the class, so it should be good. We are even going to have a mountain biking unit, which sounds like it will be really fun. We start in the pool next week, which sucks, but then I get it over with. Besides, it's mostly canoing and kayaking anyway.

That was my day.

After, we went to lunch at Panera, then rented movies and came to my house to watch them (Dude, Where's My Car and Recess: School's Out. Don't seem to go well together? I enjoyed them both).

Now I'm trying to do homework, but getting distracted by my lack of loose-leaf paper and, of course, my computer. When mommy gets home in about 15 minutes, maybe I'll ask for some money for school supplies, then stop by my sister's apartment. I can do my homework there, and I don't feel like staying home. Maybe my headache is really cabin fever (but I've had it since 7th period, French). I need to go now.

::Music to make me feel better (not working yet)::
*Nothing Compares to You - Matchbox 20 covering Sinade O'Connor
*Stay - Dave Matthews Band
*Happy - Sister Hazel
*Be Like That - 3 Doors Down
*Can't Always Get What You Want - Matchbox 20 covering Rolling Stones

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