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The only thing I'll ever ask of you, you've got to promise not to stop when I say when

The 3-day Prom Extravaganza Weekend™ is over.

I'm terribly burned from spending all of today outside in a park.

Over half of the 13 couples in my prom group are probably going to end up in relationships. We started with 2. I am not one of these.

I'm tired.

My best friend Allie got voted Prom Queen.

All weekend I've wanted to sit down and have a serious, honest, candid conversation with on one, or maybe 3 or 4 people. But it hasn't happened.

I'm horribly pensive.

And I'm busy all of tomorrow too.

So basically. I'll actually talk about the weekend, and post pictures, and everything later. I probably won't catch up on my friend's page for a while. Because I still have stuff to do, and I actually have school tomorrow.

Last day of high school ever tomorrow. Wow.

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