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There's no peace for the one you've left here

Guess who's going to be a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding next June?

That's right. Me. Along with my cousin Stephanie and Brad's sister Sara(-h?). Our neighbor and her best friend since forever ago is her maid of honor. Yay.

And I'm up at 6:30. What the hell?

I just have so much to do today. Must go to the ATM and withdraw about $100. @(#*$^&*@#&^!!!! Prom is so freakin' expensive.

And mommy isn't giving me any money. Not for hair, not for dinner, not for any other prom expenses. It will be fine once I have my job, but for right now? I'm taking so much money out of my SAVINGS. My life savings is being used for prom. That psycho bitch.

Anywho. I'm obsessed with lists and need to get organized, so...

- Pack! Need pajamas for tonight. Tomorrow I can come back home to shower and get dressed, then repack with NICE clothes for dinner, pajamas, and comfy Monday picnic wear.

- Transfer stuff into a little prom purse. Camera, cell phone, $, driver's license and debit card.

- Stop at ATM.

- Shower, plus shaving and plucking, etc.

- Take off nail polish. (So Judy can do them later).


- I should probably remember to eat somewhere in there as well.

- Make mommy shop for nail polish and toeless pantyhose.

- Get sleep!

I'm trying to decide if I should try to go back to sleep for the next 2 hours, or give up and shower early. And then maybe run to Starbuck's and the ATM. Hmmm.

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