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Haven't seen you in ages, was I one of your phases?

To bring my day to a wonderful end, I went up to my sister's apartment to steal nail polish. Hung there briefly for the end of Lord of the Rings, pet the cats, then left.

When I got home at 9, I realized that I hadn't eaten, and just my luck...Zack said he was bored and wanted dinner. So we went to Baker's Square. As if I won't see enough of him this weekend. ;-p

Mary called me on the way home to ask how I wanted my hair so that she could set everything up just right. YAY!!! I'm so excited that I'm going to have her, because the lady on the phone made it sound like they practically just pick people out of a hat. So now I know Mary can do my hair and makeup, and I can tell her all about prom and stuff.

Zack was very pensive this evening, and it has rubbed off. But before I get too deep in thought, I'm cutting myself off in favor of sleep. I need to leave here by 10 for my hair appointment, but I need to shower, shave, pluck and everything else to prep for the prom.

Wow. Prom already. God, time really does fly.

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