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Love's gentle, but love's unkind. Lost for words and I'm out of time

Today has been fantabulous.

Not being in school rocks so hard.

So at noon-ish, Candace, Lizzie, Zoe and I went to Sam's Club to pick up food stuffs for the weekend. Surprisingly, it was only $115 and we had a lot of crap.

Coming home, Zoe said: Why don't we do this more often?
Me: What? Ditch school?
Zoe: Yeah! It's fun.

Ha ha ha. Too late now, I guess.

Then, I picked up Schoey from school (because the silly girl actually went) and we went to Starbuck's and ordered 10 drinks. 5 for kids in my theatre class, 1 for Aron (the other Senior Teacher), 1 for Susan (the Teacher), 1 for her, 1 for me, and 1 for Becca. The guy thought we were nuts, and it ended up being about $33, but we had gift cards that brought it down to $20. She and I picked up the tab, because we rock.

Then we hung out in my class for the last 5-ish minutes and delivered the drinks. And apparently when Car was taking orders before she left, the kids all wanted to know if I would be coming back with the drinks. They love me so much, it's adorable! I'm going to miss those kids.

Then I came home and chilled for a while. I'm getting addicted to another one of those damn Yahoo! Games. This one is Cubis. Uber fun, but it's taking over my brain.

I just got back from running to Target for pretty paper to write my kids' yearbook notes on. I should do those now, 'cause I won't have time this weekend.

And now! I do those. Or nap. Whichever.

And just to see...
Things to do today:
- Go shopping with the girls
- Go to Starbuck's with Carly
- Pack for Prom weekend (I need like...3 outfits plus pajamas)
- Write my theatre class notes
- Try on my prom dress, with jewelry and shoes...just to make sure. ;-)
- Shop for nail polish
- Shop for toeless or foot-less pantyhose

Eh, half ain't bad.

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