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I feel like a reject from a freak show

A) I woke up with this song in my head.
B) I had the most FUCKED UP dream.

So I was at this school-thing...for Jewish Wizards, of which I was neither. But it wasn't really a problem that I wasn't a wizard, the problem was that I wasn't Jewish. They were going to do bad things to me (abuse, or possibly kill) if they found out, so I kept having to avoid the authority and not let anyone know.


But! It's a Friday! And I'm HOME! Ditch Day rocks. I only got to sleep until 9:30, but that's 2 and a half quality hours that I don't usually get. So I'm happy.

Things to do today:
- Go shopping with the girls
- Go to Starbuck's with Carly
- Pack for Prom weekend (I need like...3 outfits plus pajamas)
- Write my theatre class notes
- Try on my prom dress, with jewelry and shoes...just to make sure. ;-)
- Shop for nail polish
- Shop for toeless or foot-less pantyhose

Sounds like a busy day. Good thing I don't have to go to school! ;-)

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