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It might be a fight like you seen on the screen

I love going out on weeknights. ;-)

Went up to Cici's apartment for dinner and to transfer photos onto a CD. I took 38 today! So I decided to dump what I had as of yet, since I'll only have more this weekend!! :-D

Then I went to Zoe's, where people were hanging out and watching Bad Boys. Excellent.

Tomorrow is Senior Ditch Day is tomorrow. It's typically the Monday after prom (with the implication that everyone is too hung over to come to school). But since Monday is Memorial Day and Tuesday is our last day (you can't ditch the last day!) we're ditching on the Friday before prom. means I get to sleep in tomorrow.

Then at noon, Zoe, Lizzie, Candace and I are going shopping for the food we'll be eating all of Sunday and Monday.

And. At 2:40, I'm picking up Carly and she and I are running to Starbuck's to pick up stuff for some of my theatre kids (and ourselves).

Maybe I'll have those yearbook notes done for them. Or not...

OH! And I fixed the picture of the handprints in my previous post, thanks to help from Linz.

And if you want to take a look at pictures that I've been putting online for purposes of ordering prints...they are at Just search under

And now! Screwing around a bit before bed. Mmm.

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