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So you learn how to love, cause I learned to hold on

Today was SO GREAT!

We got yearbooks! YAY!!!!

More Office Space in English.

More learning Economics. As I was leaving, Huff thanked me for being attentive in class (since the other Seniors have difficulty with this) and said that I always bring a smile to his face. AWWWWW!!!! This is why Huff-Daddy rocks my socks!

Company relaxation day. So good.

I started taking pictures like it's my job.

Becca joined Chorale today. Hee hee.

Our dance in Dance class is SO GOOD! And we finished it today! We'll present on Tuesday.



My theatre 1,2 kids held a PARTY for me and Aron.


They brought a bunch of food and baked goods, and hid behind curtains when we had left the room. We came back really confused and then they jumped out and surprised us! It was SO CUTE! More pictures were taken. I'm going to miss those kids so much.

Tonight, I'm going out with some of the girls to see Down With Love. bashing. My kind of movie! ;-)

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