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It's so late now and you're far from gone

If there's such thing as a master napper, then I am - by definition - it.

I came home, stuffed, stamped and licked graduation invites, revised my English paper (not well, of course) and napped.

For three hours.

I was going to go to the Mo Show (faculty talent show), but I was napping. Whoops.

The sad thing is that I woke up and saw that the alarm said 7:40 and thought, "Damn, the alarm didn't go off again. Well, I don't have to pack a lunch because it's pasta day and I'll just take a quick shower. I'll get to school right at 8:20."

Then I stood up and realized that I was still dressed and that it's not tomorrow morning, it's still tonight.

So now I've had my dinner, and I finished my English essay. I don't have my Econ book, so I can't do the homework.

So I have the entire night of nothing to do. Or I could go back to bed...

Oh, and for the record...

Stretch Princess is an amazing band and has several amazing songs. I love them very much.

YOU should download (if NOTHING else), "Heavy" "Free" and "Shoes".

Please?? For me?

And whatever stick is up LiveJournal's ass must DIE.

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