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Last time....I swear this time

But I had to write, because this is important. Remember that band I like, Blue Sky Roadster? They changed their name to Single and I got mad cus it wasn't as cool. But I still like them, and are on their mailing list for upcoming shows. Got an email...

One show at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Right, cus I would be able to go to California just to see them.

Second show: (directly from email)
"and. . .
Monday, September 24th
Sacramento Amphitheater
Matchbox 20, Train, Pete Yorn AND
AHHHHHHH!!!!! Why the FUCK can't I live in fucking California (preferably somewhere near Sacramento?) GRRR!! Hi, they are opening for my fucking favorite band! I WANT TO GO!!!!! Shit, what I wouldn't give to go see them open for MB20. I really like Single. They have really good songs. They are going to be big. And they are fucking opening for my favorite band in the whole fucking world!!!

I apologize for the swearing, but I'm so *grsadfakjsdhfalks* right now! Angry/Excited/Jealous/WhinyThatICan'tGo/Annoyed. Fuck it. Blah......

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