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And you try to see it my way, but you won't see why that I feel the way that I do all the time

Eh, I'm so flemmy this morning.

And so stiff! I'm sore all over, and I know exactly what it's from. Alamo. Being football-tackled to the ground multiple times...ouch. My back is killing.

Today. I need to try on my prom dress with shoes and see if I need alterations, or if it will be fine as is. And I should go out to get accessories. I'm thinking of going to Express and just charging it all. Cause I have a grand total of $65 in my checking account. I wish mommy would pay me back that $350 she owes me, but I know that she won't.

So I'll charge stuff and maybe make her pay for it later. Or I'll just end up paying for it myself. "Being responsible" or something. Pfft!

For now, I'm bored. And anxious to get up to my sister's apartment to upload the 50-ish pictures that are currently on my (sister's) digital camera.

So! Try on dress. Shower. Shop. My day.

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