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I want to be me and turn you on

Tonight was pretty okay.

We went to the park and played some frisbee and hung out in the cool 65 F spring weather.

The boys decided to play "Alamo" and tackle us girls. And as soon as we stood back up, we'd get tackled again. I can't tell you how many times I hit the ground. At least 30 and I'm not even exaggerating. It was fun, but I'm now very sore, my back is in knots and my neck hurts when I move it a lot.


Then we went to Goldy's to hang out. Chinese for dinner = so good. And I took the leftover fried rice. Bwahahaha.

Home now. A little tired, but not too bad. I'm messing around at for getting prints of digital pictures. Seems like a pretty good deal considering that 24 prints is usually about $7.50, but this site would be $6...and you can choose which prints you want so you don't get any crappy ones. Digital is looking better every day.

Stretch Princess is an amazing band. I love them. I highly recommend downloading "Free," "Heavy," "Lost on Me," "Shoes," and "Sorry." GO! Now!!!

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