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I'm still waiting for you, and I guess that I will

Today was good!

Our first presentation sucked. Like none other. It was all about college and this shit that we have heard 23,879,239,874 times. And in the mornings, the entire Senior class is ADD like none other.

Then we got a lot of Dunkin Munchkins and soda for breakfast.

Then there was a really awesome teacher panel, talking about college, but it was interesting stuff. There were 6, 3 men, 3 women and I think all of them either changed majors or got degrees for majors that they aren't using. They stressed the importance of finding balance and time management. It was really interesting.

Next, we met with our Freshman Advisories and read letters that we had written to ourselves 3 years ago. That was crazy. I hadn't remembered anything that I had written. Soooo interesting to see what I was thinking back then. And then we filled out this questionnaire that we will supposedly read at our 10-year reunion.

The next speech was a motivational speaker who was fabulous. He was funny and did this really awesome chalk art thing to display potential and that desire is important in life. Good good.

Then we watched the Year In Review videos from the past 3 years. This year's isn't finished yet, so. But it was cool indeed.

Then we got to the really fun stuff. A pizza lunch, karaoke set up and putting hand prints on the Senior Cafeteria wall. So cool! And I'll remember to take pictures in the next 5 days and try to post them here.

After that, the entire Senior class went outside and clumped together for a picture. Then at 2:20-ish, we were released to go home.

Rock on!

Candace, Carly Schoenstadt and I went to a flower shop to order boutonnieres and then stopped buy Starbucks.

Now, I know I haven't had caffeine in almost a year, but I caved and got a Carmel Frappuccino. SOOOOO good! Car bought a couple drinks for friends and we went back to the high school for the end of 9th period to deliver them. I tagged along and we visited the end of my theatre 1,2 class (cause her boy is in it, and he was one of the drink people). Talked to her and Brian, talked to Whitney a bit, Becca and ended up driving Lizzie to her car. Good times.

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Now I'm home and apparently I have to plan the evening because I'm "estrogen". ;-)

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