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You're setting me up, and I'm letting you down this time

Today has been fine. Each day becomes a little more unbearable, and my night life has not improved the fact that I still have to sit through classes.

For 6 more days.

Not that I'm counting.

At least I haven't gotten down to hours yet.

TONIGHT! Is Theatre Night. It's our year-end banquet. They announce next year's season, the Company class created a year in review, there's a video, a Senior legacy speech (written by two Seniors, Schoey and Candace), and Senior Tributes. Each Senior gets talked about for a minute by either Carl or a sort of "roast or toast" thing. It's exciting.

So now I'm trying in vain to pass time until 6:30 when I figure I can leave and show up INCREDIBLY early. But oh well. I can help out, or something.

I'm so bored, but I have no attention span to concentrate on anything. I can barely read my friend's page thoroughly, let alone attempt homework. I'm screwed.

I wonder if I have to hit the ATM for money?

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