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May. 13th, 2003


I went up to Cici's to nab her video camera (thanks so much!!) and just before I got there, Carly (Schoey) called me on my cell phone. I was going to hang up with her when I got into the apartment, but decided to keep talking and we chatted all the way home, plus some. Total call time: 28 minutes.

It's happy. Plus, I have the video camera. And tomorrow is theatre night!

And the girls got together for 3 hours to plan the Sunday events of post-prom. We got it figured out (finally), though it feels rather anti-climatic. Basically, Sunday we get up, go to Liz's and make a brunch. Around 2 we go play mini-golf in Highland Park, then go back to Liz's to change into semi-nice clothes before catching the 5:20 train down to Chicago. We'll go to dinner (reservations are at 7:30) then wander for a while and come back on the 11:15 train. Sleep at Liz's Sunday night. Monday morning we go watch (or be in ;-)) the Memorial Day parade, then have a picnic lunch and chill out all day at Maplewood park.

Before that, Zoe and I were chilling out, went to the library to rent Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (which is uber good) and started watching it. We didn't finish, because we had to go to Liz's house.

So that was my day. In reverse chronology. ;-)

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