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You're holding the rope and I'm taking the fall

Trudged through another day of school. It's funny...other than my 3 uber big papers, I have no homework. So I've been totally slacking on the papers and doing NOTHING.

Go me.

And. At 4:15 I'm going over to Zoe's house so we can rent a movie and watch it before our prom meeting at Lizzie's at 6:30. Planning the Sunday events. Party.

There is nothing exciting in my life. Pity.

OH! And I got to lead my theatre 1,2 class. It was a game day, and Susan was out of the room giving a quiz to a couple of the kids, so I got to run everything. I LOVE IT. Reinforces that fact that I would eventually like to be a teacher. Probably of something interesting like theatre. I guess we'll see where the next few years take me.

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