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What you thought was real in life, will somehow steer you wrong

The dumbass that I am, scheduled a doctor's appointment for 6:30 instead of 7:30...which means that due to rush hour traffic at's going to take at least 20 minutes longer to get there than the usual half hour. Bite.

A fifty minute drive is not sounding appealing right now. Must bring a CD.

I'm sooooo tiiiiiiired! Alllllll the tiiiiiiime. Grrrrr.

cicigreen!!! Can I borrow your video camera for Theatre Night and other such wonderful end-of-Senior-year events? I'll be careful. And I might actually return it someday (unlike the digital camera...) O:-)

I have one hour. Can I get homework done in this time? Do I want to get homework done in this time?

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