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Gah...last night of freedom...

*sigh* I've almost come to grips with the fact that school is starting tomorrow. Talked on the phone to Caitlin and Steph. Makes me happy that I will be able to see them everyday. And Steph can give me rides to school on any non-Early Bird day. And Caitlin is going to lunch with Me, Amanda, and Zoe tomorrow, so I'll be getting a ride from her.

And, I decorated my assignment book. Well, the back of it at least. Last year, I made a collage of magazine words and pictures and stuff on the cover and back of it. It made me happy, because it was all personalized-like and me. I figured I would do the same this year, because it makes me happy to look at. Happiness is always a good thing.

I think I might add myself to my friends list. That way, I can see the icons I use easier, plus, I love reading my own Journal. It makes me laugh, or at least just smile. Makes me happy. Yay for more happiness. I was also thinking about adding a bunch of people that are on my sister's friends list. I love reading their journals, and it's more work to go and though and switch her name for mine in the URL. Laziness. Yum.

AHHHH!!!! So my sister said that Aerosmith was coming back to Chicago, so I checked and nothing. Then I go to their website and nothing. Then I go to, and tickets go on sale Saturday to see Aerosmith at the Allstate Arena on Oct. 23. It's a Tuesday, but I currently have nothing going on. I wanted to go sooooooo bad when they came before. Allie too. They are Allie's favorite band of all time. They are to her like Matchbox Twenty is to me. We would give our souls for these bands. She couldn't go though, because she was in Costa Rica. She's going to faint when I tell her they are coming back. Tickets are $75, but I really want to go. I'll have to talk to her tomorrow. Nikki and I were going to see them at Alpine on the lawn, but we decided two 16-year old girls on the lawn at Alpine for an Aerosmith concert was less than smart. In retrospect, we should have gone. I've been given a second chance at this. I can't blow it. I must go.

*sigh* I love concerts. I love Aerosmith. Steven Tyler is awesome. Joe Perry is a god (but not with bad short hair like he had a couple years ago).

Was I going to say something before the Aerosmith thing interceded? I think so, but I can't remember now. Oh, excitedness. They are getting old. This might be their last tour ever.

I was thinking about buying a little CD player from Target or where ever. Something battery powered, so that we can listen to music before school in the mornings. I have been so music oriented all summer. Listening to anything and everything I can. Seeing every concert I was able to get tickets to. How can I go back to days without music? I would shrivel up and die. And that would suck. Either that, or I just buy those mini-speaker things for my mp3/CD diskman thing.

I should probably go to bed soon. I have to be up in 8 hours. I will be in a class in 9. That sucks a lot. Especially since it's physics. I don't think I will do well in physics. I've always sucked at it. Much better at biology or chemistry, and I only managed a B in those. Physics is going to be bad.

I will at least attempt to be in bed in a half hour. I will update tomorrow in regards to my first day of blecky school. Until then, fare thee well.

:::Music of My Heart (or mp3 player):::
*That's When I'll Stop Loving You - *NSYNC
*Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
*Girl Like That (live) - Matchbox 20
*Jesus Was an Alien - Tabitha's Secret
*So Removed - Blue Sky Roadster
*Conventioneers - Barenaked Ladies (yeah new mp3!)
*Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town - Pearl Jam
*When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies (*aww* love this song)

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