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We've got magic to do, just for you, we've got miracle plays to play

Waa-Mu Show: This Just In... was pretty good. Reminded me of old-school STUNTS. Ah yes.

Saw Ross there, and a couple other DHS kids. Crazy.

Talked to Jason very briefly. Talked to Becca and Mommy and Daddy Crystal as well.

Now I'm home and waiting for the time we get to leave to go to mother's day dinner. Mmm...Applebee's.

Ha ha...kitty is laying on the Hungry, Hungry Hippos box and the lid is collapsing in. It's funny, cause she's practically the size of a hippo. <3 my kitty.

DEAR GOD! I just used "<3". EEEEWWWWW! I hate internet-speak. I hate using "brb" or "g2g" or even "ttyl". I type things out. I use punctuation and capitalization. I do not use <3.

It must be a sign of delusion. I need sleep.

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