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Taking a page out of my life

Was woken an hour ago by the cell phone ringing in my ear. Dammit.

But oh well. I got enough sleep. And kitty has been uber cuddly today. She keeps following me around...well, more than usual.

Today, I'm going with Zoe and Amanda prom dress shopping. Because I'm cool and already have mine, I'm going to attempt to find a gift for that woman that I generally refer to as my "mother". I suppose it would be a thank you for all the financial support she has given me through the years. A nice potted plant or something from Hallmark should suffice. OOH! I think I have $3 of Hallmark rewards! Gold Crown Cards rock.

Tonight, we're taking a trip up to Kenosha (yep, Wisconsin. Mmm...cheese!) for Fazoli's. food pasta! Bringing with a slew of people this time. Possibly Allie, most definitely Amanda, our coolest freshman Michael Johnson, our hottest freshman Molly (hee hee. She looks about 19, but only just turned 15. Jailbait!), and of course, Candace and me. :-)

We love Kenosha!

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