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How in the light of one night did we come so far?

Tonight was amazing.

Our first show (the 5 o'clock one) had so little energy that it was sickening. We said the lines and our diction was fine and the projection was okay. But there was nothing behind it.

The second show at 7:30 was so much better. We had energy. I don't think it was by far my best show. (Last night was my personal best, but as a cast today was better.)

I didn't cry. Surprisingly. My 17th and final show is completely over and I didn't shed one tear. Odd.

The after party was fun though. I never like the beginning of parties. Too big, too many places to be. Too much segregation because you stay by the people you are comfortable with. It's not until later, as friends start to leave that you have to start talking with people that you don't know as well. And you don't have to become best friends with those people, but you get to broaden your horizons. Like when the numbers decreased a bit, we started to play 10 Fingers (I've never...) and it's an interesting way to learn about people and bond.

At 11:30, there were still a lot of people there and Ross, Adam and I went to Adam's house to play Super Smash Bros. for about a half-hour. I lost, but not terribly. I held my own...which is all I can ask to do. Then Ross went home and Adam took me back to Carly's.

Everyone else started leaving around 1 (when 10 Fingers died out), and most had left by 1:30. The very last people were on their way out at 1:45, so Carly and I decided to sit around and talk for another 45 minutes until Mommy said that people would have to be out. As sort of sad as the topic was (boys...and a few in specific) it sort of gave me hope. And I'm more okay with the fact that I have no one right now. In fact, I've never actually "had someone". So. There. Eventually I'll find love, or something that is disguised as love.

And now, it's nearly 3am and I'm tired. And I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow, and I'm supposed to be going prom dress shopping. Bleh! I really don't want to go with Mama, my aunt and my grandma. Actually, I'd probably rather contract strep throat.

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