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Last night I watched you sleeping, once more the nightmare came

I know that I shouldn't, but I'm going to go take a nap before I have the leave for the show. I have well over 2 hours. And I'm tired.

Sheesh, I've been posting a lot today.

I need to buy the Miss Saigon CD. Since we've started singing the medley in Chorus, it's been stuck in my head. And I downloaded some of the songs, and it's so much like Les Miserables (because it's the same composer and lyricist), and I adored this must be good. Eh?

Two shows today. Which means running the Past act four time. (Well, the Present too...but I'm in that significantly less.) Then Production Party at Carly's house. Should be some good times.

It's my last show ever at DHS. Granted, it's only my second cast's my 17th for the past 4 years. And that's a lot of time and energy that will be completely ending tonight. No more will I be going into the Studio or Auditorium every day after school to build sets, focus lights, set up sound, paint, pull props, watch rehearsals, actually rehearse, tech and put together a show. Crazy.

I need to sleep or I'll never have energy for the show tonight. I don't think any of my friends (the ones that aren't involved in the show, that is) are coming today. That's sad because there will be no one to go say hi to afterwards. Oh well.

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