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You don't want baggage without lifetime guarantees

1) Who should play you in a movie about your life?: I don't know...any suggestions?
2) What do you use to wash your hair?: Some salon Rusk something-or-other that mommy buys
3) Your face?: Clinique Take the Day Off
4) Who's your favorite Golden Girl?: Blanche
5) Do you know how to play poker?: Yes, but I'm not good. Allie and I on a team together kick ass though.
6) What class did you cut the most in high school?: Considering I've only ditched one class...gym.
7) Invite 3 people to dinner: This probably implies celebrity, but as far as real people go...I'd like to sit down to a meal with Allie, Amanda and Carly.
8) Favorite incense flavor: It gives me a headache...none.
9) Age you first shaved: Probably 11? 5th grade.
10) What color nail polish are you wearing right now? A clear coat of OPI Nail Envy (a strengthener).
11) Coolest animal you've seen up close: Probably a hedgehog.
12) Favorite standup comedian: I'm really out of the stand-up circuit. I used to watch Comedy Central all the time...but I guess Chris Rock is damn funny.
13) ? Apparently there is no thirteenth question.
14) First letter or digit of your license plate: B
15) Describe your dream wedding: Traditional modern. I'd get a pretty, flowing, white, princess dress, the guys would be in tuxes. Bridesmaids would have pretty dresses that I pick out. I'd prefer it not to be in a church, and a big reception afterward. Basic, elegant.
16) First store you run to at the mall: Probably Express.
17) Ever been to a strip club? No.
18) Do you wear a watch? Chronically. I'm obsessed with time.
19) Do you know how to tie a tie? Yes, but not well.
20) Ever see a UFO? I've seen things that I couldn't identify in the sky, but as far as alien
21) Cooking fiasco: My quiche. It tasted alright, but the bacon was over-cooked and the consistency was a little too runny.
22) Thoughts on Eminem: I'd probably like him if his morals didn't directly conflict with mine. But overall, he makes some okay music. Just needs to relax a bit.
23) Do you own any diamonds? Regretfully no.
24) What do you carry with you at all times? Anything in my purse. Cell phone, chap-stik, wallet, bandaids (and other first aid stuff), lotion, lighter, tampons, post-it notes, 2 pens, a CD-R, camera. And more.
25) Ever smoke a cigar? Eww, no.
26) Do you snore? I don't think so. Unless I have a stuffy nose or am in a really awkward position.
27) Talk in your sleep? I used to, but I don't think I have in the past few years.
28) Gum: fruity or minty? Minty.
29) How do you drive? Fast, but cautiously. I always seem to be in a hurry, even if I have no destination.
30) Can you drive stick? No, but my brother offered to teach me on his beast of a Jeep.
31) Best Elvis song: I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
32) What do you miss most about being little? Innocence and Saturday morning cartoons.
33) Whom would you call to bail you out of jail? Probably my oldest sister.
34) Cartoon character you'd date: Either of the guys from Road to El Dorado. Mmm.
35) Musical collaboration you'd most like to see: I don't know.
36) Are you allergic to anything? Mildly to green peppers.
37) Perfume or cologne you wear most? I haven't been wearing it recently, but Clinique Happy is a favorite.
38) Can you draw/sketch? Not well, but I like to.
39) Carnival food: Uh...funnel cake?
40) Who did you want to be as a child? A writer.

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