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He'll catch up later, he's just got other things on his mind


School = boring. Lots of homework...I think I already posted about that earlier when I got home...

The show.

Went well. My second run of the past was better, though the audience was dead and there are several people who are having pace issues.

After the show, Zack asked me to prom by getting down on one knee with a ring box that had an Apple Jack stuck in it. It was cute. And now that I officially have a date, I need to get me a pretty dress.

Then Caitlin, Zoe, Candace, Zack, Goldy and I went to see X2. SO GOOD! It was fun and I want to see it again because there was a ton of stuff that I know was flying over my head. I should probably watch the first one again too.

Now I'm home. And too damn pensive for my own good. Fuckers.

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