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There's only us, there's only this. Forget regret or life is yours to miss

Happy Birthday, Becky!!

One of my absolute favorite people on LJ. ;-)

Today was alright.

- English in-class essay went well. Homework tonight is minimal.
- Econ was alright. Minimal homework as well.
- No Company tomorrow (we get a free period!)
- Finished my Foreign Policy Position Paper during 4th period and handed it in 6th. Today's class was pretty interesting. I'm starting to talk more in the class. Now that I only have 18 days left. *sigh* ;-)

Tonight was my last tech ever. Because tomorrow is opening night. EEK!

But the show went SO WELL tonight!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! So I'm really excited to open. And a bit nervous. One of my costumes was changed I no longer have the wear the hideous wig or mu-mu. And a lot of people were saying that my new costume looks really cute on me. So boosting my ego was never a bad thing... :-D

Right now I'm listening to RENT. Half because it was randomly in my head. And now I also realized that it's the anniversary of it's opening. Coolio.

And I should do homework. And I will. Then sleep. Lots of sleep is lots of good.

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