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Feeling kinda shaky but the wounds have healed

Today has been uber long...but pretty good in the sense that it hasn't been bad.

If that makes sense to you...then we are in the same boat. :-\

The Company is really coming together and the show is starting to work. We ran the show twice today (so each act 4 times) and the second run was with costumes some cases such as mine, wigs. That mother sucks, but oh well.

My second scene is really coming together. I like how I'm playing it. I feel like I understand it. There's a way to go still, but I'm getting there. My first scene still sucks. I don't know what else to do. So now it's just a matter of watching diction and projection.

Now, I have a few minutes before I go to pick up Candace and go to Chili's for dinner. Manda's asking Gatto to prom yay.

I'm tired, but after there, there's Jazz Night...and then at 9pm we have a "wood elves" crew session. It's mostly for people not involved in the Spring Play, but it will be heavy duty work. Fun fun fun. But at least it will be good people, some good food, plenty of good music and lots of work to get done.

Waiting on a call back from Doctor Lady #3. Eck. She'll probably call while I'm at Chili's. Boo. And I still need to talk to Mommy about it. :-\

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