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I wanted to say I'm sorry for the screaming last night and the night's before

I'm really tired.

I was at school for over 13 hours today (full day of classes, then a full afternoon/evening of tech). Got out of their at 9:15. It was actually a really fun day. And Carl damned me to hell.

Then we went to Rob's and stayed there until about 12:45.

Now I'm home and too tired/lazy to read my friend's page.

And I'm insanely lonely. Like...more so than I have been recently. I feel like I need someone...but I don't. That's silly. To need someone. I hate couples, as a general rule. I hate the fact that everything becomes a "we" and being with the "other half" is implied. I hate when people act as a unit.

And at the same time, I want someone to love. I want someone to love me. I almost want that implied other half because I always feel left out of groupings like that. I feel like I'm always going stag everywhere.

Urg. I hate this. I. Don't. Need. A. Man.

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