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I've been searching deep-down in my soul. Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old

I'm tired.

Today has been total crap, and I want it to end.

I still have tech tonight from 4:15 until probably near 9.


So this morning started with me hitting a car while backing out of my driveway. There was barely any damage done to either car, so we just exchanged insurance information and she said she would call later. Hopefully she can deal with this with Mama...cause I'm not going to be here.

But seriously, she was the nicest woman ever, and apparently it was noticeable that I was shaken because she kept telling me to take deep breaths and to just relax. *sigh*

School was just crappy. Classes weren't happy. I got a really bad grade on the Foreign Policy diaries, and to top it off...she collected the article that we were supposed to have annotated that I never finished. AND she mentioned that she'd be taking off 3% points if we ditch on Senior Ditch Day. Fuck. I can't be dropping my grade like this...I don't want to have to take a final. And I like the class so much that it upsets me when I don't do well or feel like I'm letting Kaplan down. :-(

Caitlin was overly happy about prom today. Which just made me that much more down.

And I've felt really really REALLY lonely all day.


I need a nap and a hug, and some time out of my busy schedule that I can set aside to cry my eyes out. 20 minutes, maybe. That's all I need.

And now? Spring Play tech.

Wait, let me gouge out my eyes first.

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