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My love, you know that you're my best friend. You know that I'd do anything for you.


Today has been awesome.

After my uber hot shower, I got a phone call from Candace. She and Goldy had EB and 1st free today as well, so she wanted to go to lunch. The three of us went to Panera around noon.

NOTE TO SELF: Don't go to Panera at noon. It's a frickin' mad house!

But it was yummy! And I got good soup.

Then we came back to my house for a bit while I finished my econ homework. O:-) And we all left for school a little before 1pm.

Econ at 1:08 was fun. Being awake is good, and we are talking about some really interesting topics. This unit is all about where on the political spectrum you fall. In the economic sense...I'm pretty much directly on the border of Democrat and Republican, and leaning toward Republican.

Eek! But I suppose morally, I'm still too liberal to be considered anything that would do with Republican. And I live in a wealthy area, so that all plays a role.

Then Company. No juniors or Carl we had a fun day of preparing for tech. I put together a desk with the "help" of a couple others. O:-) Another group assembled a kitchen rack. And we just hung around and listened to music. 'Twas fun.

And then I was done. At 2:37 the bell rang and I was finished with school for today.

Rock the fuck on!

Tech for the Spring Play starts today, but I'm not called until 4:15! Woo! Then I'll probably be there until 9 though. Party on.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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