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And in my heart I see just how you wanted it to be


That's the number of shows I've worked crew for in my entire high school career.

Let's break it down:

Freshman Year -
Fall play: 8 performances
STUNTS: 3 performances
Musical: 4 performances
Spring Play: 5 performances

Sophomore Year -
FP: 8
Musical: 4
SP: 5

Junior Year -
FP: 8
Musical: 4
Dance Show: 2

Senior Year -
FP: 8
Musical: 4
Dance Show: 2

74 performances.

By the end of high school, it will be 79. 70 of those as a crew member. 9 as a cast member.

I still have 5 more shows this year. But those are as part of the cast. Tonight is my LAST show as a crew member.


I'm speechless.

This is my 74th performance tonight, and my 16th show.

I feel accomplished, but at the same time...empty. What am I going to do? What do I do when I'm not in a show? What do I do when I don't come to crew every day?

God, that's a lot of shows. A lot of opening and closing nights. A lot of ups and downs, and a hell of a lot of techs. Staying at school until 9pm. Eating, living, breathing the Studio and Auditorium. Spending hours in darkness. All the hurry up and waiting. Time spend hammering, drilling, constructing, painting, dutchmaning, props shopping, hanging lights, focusing lights, gelling lights. Watching rehearsals, creating cues, marking scripts, learning lines.

Everything. I've learned so much, and's like the end.

I'm going to be such a wreck at theatre night.

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