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And you don't love me the way I wish you would. The way I know you could

It's sad that smelling flowers make me thing of funerals.

And it's also sad that I'm up this late, because I'm totally dysfunctional and delusional at this point. Seriously, I'm writing and I have no idea what's coming out.

Which is okay for journal entries, but I fear that Kaplan will not be so happy with the incoherency of my Foreign Policy Diaries. And I still have, maybe 4 articles to go.

I'm screwed.

I'm falling asleep.

In other news, I downloaded trillian, but I don't think I like it. I'm picky and don't like change though. And AIM isn't good...but it's the best I have right now.

And I talked very briefly to Lewis tonight. I wish I'd have been less busy and less out of it so that it might have been something more. But he said he was just on his way to bed, so I suppose that will have to do.

I'm so tired. Tomorrow is going to be pure hell. With capital L's.


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