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Saturday night's alright for fighting

Quickly before I leave...

My day.

All-day field trip for Spring Play rehearsal. We sucked. We got yelled at a lot. For dropping lines, and not keeping pace up. For not making big choices and for not having good diction.

And of course, the past (my cast) was worse that the present, so we got reamed repeatedly.

It was long and hard.

And costuming sucked. 70's clothes...suck. A great deal. They have horrible colors and are just tacky. I'm wearing a fricking mu-mu(?) for part of it.

So that was just one big headache after another for 7 hours.

And they fucked up the Dance Show t-shirts and instead of getting normal sizes, they got "girl" sizes. So my shirt is SKIN TIGHT and I will not be wearing it tomorrow. Fuckers.

And now I have very little time before the dance show tonight (can I just say that Monday and Tuesday night shows fucking suck?). I have SO much homework to do, and I missed all of my classes today, so I'm VERY behind.

And I can't seem to settle down, no matter what I do.

My back is in knots and my stomach won't settle down. I tried chocolate, but I'm just so tired.

I've wanted to nap all day.

But I can't. Because a) I don't have time and b) that's not healthy. And my doctor discourages that. But the other fucking doctor won't call me back to set up an appointment, so I'm going it alone this week. And it sucks a great deal. [Sorry if that was too cryptic for you. It's not important, I swear.]

This is just not my week. At all. I just need a fucking hug. And some love. And someone to tell me that everything will be fine and that I'm loved and appreciated. I've had enough yelling. I've had enough stress. When do I get time?

Is it Friday yet?

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