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Loneliness was tough, the toughest role you ever played

Note to anyone who has kids or jelly beans:

Before going to bed, make sure that there are no jelly beans where you are about to be sleeping.

This may seem like an obvious statement. And perhaps one of little consequence. But please, take heed.

The result is a crumbly mess that is now permanently impressed into both sheets and pajamas. Perhaps you are unaware that when sleeping on a jelly bean, the candy coating around the "jelly" part of the bean WILL in fact crumble and peal off into tiny sticky pieces.

When you awake and feel as though you've just been sitting on cake, fear not. It was not a pastry to make your bed feel as though it's full of crumbs. It was a jelly bean.

Probably a yellow one. Which most likely stains.

Stupid kids.

Goodnight moon.

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