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Subway's no way for a good man to go down

This morning, Rob IMed me with "happy easter!" and I was like...oh yeah. Today's Easter. (Which is funny because Rob's Jewish...)

Happy Easter!!! all ya Christian folks...

Yesterday was Easter for me. Today is the hangover after the fact. Still there, but definitely not the party.

But now we have hard-boiled eggs to last a lifetime! (read: a week, if that's all we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which we will).

Not like I'll be home at all. Dance Show Monday and Tuesday nights (so I'll actually be home from 3:30 until 6), but then Wednesday starts Spring Play I'll be staying at school every night until 9!


Today, I have homework to do. But tomorrow is an all-day field trip, so it's not too important that it get done.

And my father went to church this morning. Other than weddings, he never goes to church. Hell may just have frozen over.

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