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City lights lay out before me, arms and legs wrapped 'round my shoulder

Tonight was alright.

Dinner was huge. About 23 people came, plus me, Mama and Daddy = lots of people in our little house. Our family is pretty funny all together. There were a lot of non-related folks (boy/girlfriends, spouses) hitting on each other. And we're just a funny bunch. Mama got mildly drunk on Arbor Mist. She doesn't hold alcohol well.

The last of everyone left around 10:30.

Whoa. I was bombarded with IMs. Carly, Steph and Jenny. It's funny, cause none of them are the same age. Carly's a senior, Steph's a freshman in college, and Jen's a sophomore in college. Yay.

I should get sleep. My cycles have been majorly fucked up.

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