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Quicky Before Bed...

I'm tired. So soon I will sleep.

First, my take on the Tabitha's Secret thing...Jay Stanley is bitter about not being in Matchbox 20 where he would have become rich and famous with gold and (platinum?) albums. Sucks for him. And the whole re-release Don't Play With Matches is just stupid. I would have bought Act 3, with all the previously unreleased songs, but if it's only for And Around, hell with it. Stupids.

Second. Don't think there was a second. "Sailing" is on right now. Yay NSYNC. I updated my website a little today. Not a whole lot, just a little. Once I can get to my sister's scanner and wreak havoc with wedding pictures from the table cameras, there will be some on the website. After proofs in two weeks, there will definitely be some on the site. You'll just have to wait to see my gorgeous hair and makeup. Ha ha!

Three, "Bye Bye Bye" is on now. Random is never very random.

Four, I wish school wasn't starting so soon. Ew. Dread is building in my stomach now. Yuck.

All fifty-five of the bobby pins that were in my hair (did I mention it took 55 bobby pins and 3 different hair sprays to keep my wedding hair in place? Impressive, huh?). Yeah, so those are sitting on my dresser. Don't know what I will ever do with them. I don't usually use bobby pins. Oh well.

Five, my African Violet is still managing to live well in my overly-dark room. Tough little plant.

Six, Britney Spears' "Stronger" just came on. Love this song, and the vid is pretty cool too. I now have two Brit icons. The Stronger one, and the cute one. I deleted Chris and Joey icons as well as Robbie. My Robbie is gone. *sniff*

Seven, I need to find/make some new icons. With school little over 30 hours away, I should really get it done tomorrow, or I won't at all. That's just the way I am. Ambitious or Slack. One or the other. Total and Complete. No middle ground. Kinda sucks. Actually, really sucks.

Eight, too tired to think of an eight. Bed time. Night.

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