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Someday we can start again, someday soon

So much of a headache.

Nothing boosts self-esteem like going prom dress shopping!

*rolls eyes*

Didn't find much. Apparently this year's fashions are all about the a) black and white. A lot of white. What the fuck? and b) sleek, form-fitting slip dresses. EWW! I want something big and flow-y and pretty, and PRINCESS. Fuck them all.

And it took 45 minutes to drive from Old Orchard to Woodfield because of construction, and that they are in opposite directions. Blah.

And I had 15 minutes between Woodfield and my doctor's appointment, so luckily I got a chance to grab a bowl of soup from Panera.


Easter Dinner tonight is at 6:30, and Mama had the inspired idea of putting everyone in the basement. So she's been down here all day, and is so in my personal space right now. Basement = mine. Get out. NOW.

But alas...the whole fam-damily will be coming...within the next half hour. Someone save me. PLEASE.

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