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We've all gone crazy lately

I updated my site earlier, cause Patty was yelling at me to do it.

Nothing much. New playlists. A little content post. I still need to figure stuff out html-wise, but for now, that's going to be it.

Went to dinner with the parents and the kids. Sometimes it's hard to tell who's who...

It wasn't bad. I love Applebee's fried chicken salad, and their boneless buffalo wings rock. And things didn't get to be shitty until the car ride home. Luckily that was a whole 4 minutes.

Now I'm home. Have a headache. Want to sleep more. But at a point, it just gets to be too much. And if I sleep now, I'm going to be up from about 11 until 4am. Too much sleep is not healthy either.


Look at me losing control
Thinking I had a hold
But with feelings this strong
I'm no longer the master
Of my emotions.
"For You" - Tracy Chapman

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