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You've got a fast car. I want a ticket to anywhere.

I left home this morning at 7am.

I have returned home tonight at 12:30am.


It was Mommy's birthday today. The big 55. She's now officially a senior citizen.

It was also dacey's birthday. Yay!

Econ test. Got an 86.5%. But most of the class did a LOT worse. So alright.

Foreign Policy was really good today. Talking about "10 Points for Peace" in Iraq, like Wilson's 14 Points for Peace after WWII. People were SO stupid and Caitlin and I had a good time making fun of them (both in and out of class).

[One group specifically stated that Iraq could have no standing army, but they could have a police force. Ummm...Germany? After WWI, we said they couldn't have an army. And they didn't. They had a police force. Called the "Nazis". Biggest fucking police force in HISTORY, but it wasn't an army. Because the Treaty of Versailles said they couldn't have an army. And we're expecting Iraq to be any better than that?]

Tech went alright. I am definitely too controlling and need to step back. Must keep telling myself that just because I stage manage differently than Caitlin or Mulder...that doesn't mean that they are wrong. Though they don't give standbys half the time, and the other half, they call "go"s without knowing if everything is done backstage.

Went straight from school to Gurnee for Olive Garden dinner. 10 of us there for Mama's birthday. Was good. I got a completely different order than usual, which was nice. They have good mannicotti.

Went straight from there to Rob's. Lots of people. Mostly chess and ping pong going on. I played some Connect Four with Zack, Peter and Zoe. Zack and Peter left at 10:45-ish, and sometime shortly after, I had found my way to the couch and fallen asleep. I was woken at 12:15 by Rob. Everyone was gone (the 15 people who had been there) and it was just him, me, Zoe and Goldy left. We sat and talked for about 15 minutes, then mommy kicked us out.

But I slept for about an hour and a half. While a loud party was going on. I think they played Taboo at one point. But I was out cold.

Just got home. I'm uber tired. Rob mentioned how I seem to be extra tired lately. I wish I knew why. Stress, probably. Maybe something else. Who knows?

- Sleep in tomorrow
- Download "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar
- Doctor Lady #2 Appointment on Saturday

Ahh. I'm too tired. I need sleep. Goodnight.

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