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Frightened of jumping, in case they survive

Eh, long night of nothingness. Talked to Zack a lot. Talked to Becca a lot. Talked to Steph a little.

Talked about dance show a lot. Talked about prom a lot. And that's it.

Dude. No wonder everyone says teenagers have so little on their minds. But dude? It's a huge fucking deal! Erg.

Or something like that.

Finished the Dance Show outline of dances, numbers of dancers onstage and offstage for each, and all of my jobs and such. Took forever and a day to figure it all out and format it nicely. And I can't guarantee that even half of the information is right. Boo!

Haven't gone over my Spring Play lines in over a week (aside from in class running it). Bleh, I just haven't had time. Okay?

And despite the "I don't give a shit" mood I seem to be in right now, I'm not actually feeling that badly.

- I was funny during Foreign Policy.
- Carly's back at school and that makes me feel a little better. I like being able to keep an eye on my friends.
- Taking to Becca made me feel uber loved.
- Getting home early is always a plus.
- My 3rd quarter report card was 6 A's and an A-.
- I got $10 from my godmother for Easter.
- I finished my pint of Ben and Jerry's.

Tomorrow is "Friday" for me. And I have to be at school early bird for a 7:30 Student Activities Board meeting. :-p

I should get to bed.

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